Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Window Progress

So as you know I have a bay window in my house. My childhood dream come true.
However my dream consisted of my bay window having a window seat built in, and until this week this part of my dream was unrealised.

My father having a lull in his work and seeing that the sun was finally shining after two plus weeks of rain, was able to start finishing my bay window.

Here is what the bay window looked like before:

Here is inspiration photo of how I envisioned my bay window would someday look like:

And here is what it looks like now:

Still not finished, but closer to my dream then ever before!
And my daughter loves sitting in HER new bench.


Clinton Comes said...

Who wouldn’t love a gorgeous bay window? I surely do! I think it is a good addition to every home, especially when you couple it with a lovely window seat. Were you able to replicate your photo-inspiration? I do hope that it pushed through because I’m sure that it would look nice on your space. :-) [Clinton Comes]

Micha Tacy said...

Bay windows are also my darling! With them, you can enhance the beauty of your interior with less time and effort. But what I really love about bay windows is the huge amount of light that they let in, which is another way of saving energy.


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