Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kids Wing

I love the fact that I have an area in my house I can refer to as the kids wing.
A place dedicated to all things childlike and fun.
While it doesn't seem like much work has gone into this section of the house we did put quite a bit of time and effort there.
My dad really worked hard in improving the look of his grand-kid's rooms.
He plastered and patched the walls and ceilings where they had been cracked or water damaged. He rehung all the doors so that they would be straight and close properly.
He, as well as my mom, painted every room to freshen and clean things up.

While not much has changed we really notice a difference. What once was a just a few small bedrooms will now be the hub of the house for years to come.
Here are the before and after shots of the landing and the second kids room.



Notice the water damage under the window which my dad had to re-plaster. The blanket hanging on the wall was hiding a big hole, which my dad had to patch.


We plan on making this into a play/craft/reading area for the kids. I envision a built in book shelf running along the wall under the window. A reading chair, kids table and soft rug. Lots of books and games. Oh I can't wait to get all cozy here with my little ones!!!

Future babies room


I unfortunately don't have the original before photo. The room was being used as a indoor garden and was not suitable for photographing. But this photo is what the room looked like after my dad got his hands on it. Trust me.....huge difference.


I love the window in the room, as it lets in an incredible amount of light. The only problem is that is a round window and I don't know what we are going to do for a window treatment?
I placed two single beds side by side anticipating future sleepovers. And the colour of the day in this room is red!
However things are going to have to change in the room and quickly, as we are expecting our second child in April.

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