Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Outsiders

While we were all snuggled up in our beds, the construction workers were still busy hammering away. For you see while most of the inside was finished, the outside was still missing a key feature. The siding!
The siding we used was called Maebec. It is a wood siding, and unlike other varieties of siding it needed to be very well installed to make sure the warranty was not jeopardize. Each cut on each board had to be painted, and each joint around each window and corner had to be chalked. My contractor was not to keen on doing this in February weather, so it had to wait until warmer weather arrived.
Once the work got started it took about 4 weeks in all to get the siding up and finished. But what a difference those 4 weeks made!
Our house, for the most part, looks complete. All that is missing are the balconies and overhangs.

Just a little reminder of what the house used to look like.

And here it is now.

Home Sweet Home!!

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