Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Adding to the Family

When we bought this house we had visions of a home filled with children and family visiting. While the house was large, it wasn't set up to accommodate a modern family.
We wanted room for guests and family to feel comfortable. We knew we needed to put on an extension. One of the main reasons for this decision was that we wanted a family room. We wanted to keep the original living room formal and the cellar was not a place we could renovate to accommodate a family room. So out and up we went.
We wanted a large family room for TV watching and game playing. We wanted it to feel open to the backyard with lots of windows and french doors.
So with this in mind we got to work.

The extension was built and the holes cut for the windows and door.

Windows and doors installed, gyp rock up, electrical in place. Just need to lay down the flooring, put up the moulding and paint. I unfortunately was distracted by other things going on in our lives as I don't have any more pictures of the work in progress. So you will just have to imagine what our hard work looked like in action.

However I do have the finished product on film. So here is what our family room looks like as of right now.

As with all of our other rooms we still have allot left to do in terms of decorating and furniture. But it is definitely serving us well as is and we are extremely happy with our decision to add on.

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