Thursday, November 25, 2010

What a view

As I had mentioned earlier the view from our place is absolutely breathtaking. I feel a sense of peace and calm whenever I look out into our backyard. However a year ago I would not have had the luxury of staring out my kitchen window at the horizon. A year ago our home had only one window on the ground floor facing that direction. We knew as soon as we started the design process that this needed to remedied.

We were very lucky when it came to redesigning our home. While Neil and I knew what we wanted we weren't 100% sure of how things should look. Neil's cousin was an architect and offered, as a house warming gift, to have a plan drawn up for us. We were so thankful as it helped us on so many levels. We were able to present proper blueprints to the zoning board and the town for approval. We were able to give a copy to our contractor to plan around. And most important we had a copy to stare at on the days when things weren't going so well and know that one day our dream house would be realised.

Because of the help of Neil's cousin we were able to recreate our home to have allot of windows. 35 to be exact, and most of which faced the back. We were very excited when our crew started cutting the holes in our house to make room for the new windows. We finally got to see the plans come to life.

I no longer had to imagine what it would feel like to stand in my kitchen and gaze out my windows.......I finally had the view I'd always wanted.

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