Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tiled over

Now that we had the wood flooring all laid out we had the other flooring to consider.
We knew we wanted tile in all three bathrooms as well as in the mudroom. So off to the store we went!


Our first stop was to Home Depot. While we originally weren't there for flooring, but we found a deal we couldn't pass up. Remember how originally we wanted to have slate in our kitchen, well we decided to make due with slate in the mudroom instead. And low and behold there was a sale on grey slate tile at Home Depot that very day. We called my mom for the measurements and filled out chart. It was a heavy load but we got it all home.


For the three bathrooms we ended up at a large flooring specialised store called Lanctot. We had to go back several times before we could make up our minds. There was so much selection, and while we knew what we wanted it was hard to narrow it down.

For the master bathroom we wanted marble square tile so that was pretty easy to find.

For the family bathroom we went with a large rectangular grey porcelain tile that we both fell in love with right away.

Finally for the powder room we decided to go with something a bit more fun. It was a small room so we knew we could get away with our choice.....a light grey fabric pattern ceramic tile.

We originally wanted to install the tiles ourselves, but with time running out and Neil at work everyday we decided to hire someone to do the work for us. Great idea, because it was allot more than we could have handled and he did a great job.

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