Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Years Resolution

I am not very good at keeping up my new year resolutions so this year I didn't really make one. Now looking back over last year there is one resolution I would like to make......finish off some of our rooms.

Our home is mostly complete and we just have a few construction projects left:

Finish the bay window.

Finish the pantry.

Finish the basement
(I actually haven't taken a pictures of the actual basement as it's a messy, dark and cold place which haven't warranted documenting with photos.)

And build our decking.

However these projects need a bit more than a lick of paint and some decorating so we will have to leave those to the pros.... aka my old man.

Neil and I on the other hand want to start finishing off rooms that are essentially already finished. We want to add the finishing touches to areas of the house that we use regularly. Instead of trying to do them all at about overwhelming! We are going to go room by room and slowly get things done.

Our first room, as it is the first room everyone sees as they enter our house, is the mudroom.
Stay tuned as we start to put this little, but very important room together.

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