Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mudroom Decore Ideas

Our first room on our list of many to finish and decorate is the mudroom.It is the very first room everyone sees when they enter our house. While we have many other bigger and perhaps more lived in rooms, this is the one that provides everyone with their first impression of our home. And if it's finished....who's to say the rest isn't.

So here are a few ideas I would like to see come to fruition in my mudroom.
- Wallpaper or paint the walls
- Seal or whitewash the paneling
- Install closet doors and closet system
- Find the perfect seating/storage
- Add umph with pretty fabric curtains and a nice rug.

To be completely honest I am planning on totally knocking off my favourite designer of all time, Sarah Richardson and steal the design scheme from her farm mudroom.

It is perfect in every way and I will try and use as many of her ideas as possible in my much smaller room. I will give her complete credit for the curtain fabric, the red on the closet doors and if it fits, the Ikea rug.

How gorgeous is this Flower Paisley fabric from Robert Allen! The colours go perfectly with my Cow poster, which is the inspiration for this room.

I don't think I will go with full on drapes as my room is so small, but maybe some simple country short sash curtains will do the trick.

As for the closets I don't want sliding or accordion closet doors, but with the width of the doorway I can't just use one wooden door.

But after seeings Sarah's mudroom I had my solution, two small wooden doors. And of course they need to be painted red too! The red used by Sarah is by Para Paints (SR53 Orchard).

My mudroom is much smaller than Sarah's as I have already mentioned, so I am not sure if the rug she used from Ikea will fit. If not I now have a jumping off point to use in search of one similar.

Now I just need to figure out what colour to do the wall. Maybe I could go with a putty/beige colour similar to what colour is in the fabric.
Or am I brave enough to experiment with wallpaper? I was thinking a very neutral grass cloth wallpaper but I have not found the perfect one yet.
Also do I leave the paneling as is or do I white wash it out?
So many questions to ponder, but I know everything will come together all in good time.

I can't wait to get back down south and get started on finishing off the first room in our house.

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