Friday, November 26, 2010

We've got a plan

As I mentioned in the previous post Neil's cousin helped us out allot by drafting up some blueprints for our house.

His cousin Frank McGrath actually owns an architectural firm in Montreal, so we not only had plans but we also got to meet with a real architect to help us hash out our ideas. They came to visit our house one wintry day in early 2009. We gave them a tour and explained our wish list. I had also came up with my own re-design of the house as well as a look book of all the things I really loved and would like to see included somewhere in our home. We really hoped they could create the house we saw in our minds.

A few months later we received a rough draft by e-mail. While we tweaked a few things here and there, these plans are pretty similar to the final blueprints.

The front of the house (facing west).

The south side of the house where the side kitchen entrance is.

The back of the house, also known as the eastern side.

The north side of the house.

The main floor of the house.

The upper level of the house.

The final blueprints look even better, but unfortunately I do not have an electronic copy of them. We loved looking at our house plans so much I think we might have to get them framed and put them up somewhere in our home.

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