Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And the roof goes on

After the old roof was completely removed the crew started working on getting the new one up. First they installed the new roof trusses on the old part of the house.

We now had a single roof line and it looked great. We were excited for the day when our house would look like one big house. If it all worked out we wouldn't be able to tell where the old house ends and the new one begins.

They then added a layer of plywood to the trusses in preparation for the steel roofing that they would be putting up next. The Vicwest roofing went on great and we couldn't have been happier with the results. It looked just liked we had envisioned it.

The next phase would be to tackle the oldest section of the house. The old tin had to come off and we had to insulate this section from the outside. This was a very tricky job as the old roof was resting right on the old slates and plaster of the rooms upstairs. One false move and someones foot was going right through into Niamh's future bedroom.

Well the old roof came off with out a hitch, however there was a slight problem. The company that was supposed to come to do the spray foam wasn't available to come until the following week.....and it was supposed to rain in two days. I frantically called every insulation place I could find and finally one agreed to come the following day. Our house was saved.....for a price! They charged an extra fee for having to do a emergency job.

The roof was prepped and the new roofing was put on.

We are happy to know that we will now have a strong new roof over our heads.

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