Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Master bathroom shopping trip # 1

We had been to a few of the big name home hardware stores and didn't see anything we really liked. So we decided to check out a small bathroom store my dad suggested. While we originally went in to window shop we ended up buying all the pieces for our master bathroom (of course after we carefully sourced prices at other places).

The biggest purchase of the room and the focal point would be the bathtub. I needed it to be just right, and after not too much searching we came upon this beauty by Alcove. We bought it on the spot.

We loved the mix of modern and classic with this wall faucet from Riobel. We decided to with this entire line for the master bathroom.

The second thing we knew we wanted was a separate glass enclosed shower. We found the perfect one to fit our layout and the look we were going for.

This is the Riobel shower set we got. Loved the idea of having a rain head as well as a hand held one so we could adjust the shower to our liking. My husband is 6`1 and I`m 5`5, so we needed something we both could use comfortably.We absolutely loved this Kholer Serif sink. The rounded yet sharp edge gave it a masculine and feminine feel. We also really like how it looked with the Riobel faucet we got to go with it.

Last but not least was the toilet. Now while being an entirely functional piece, we still wanted it to look good and once we saw this Kholer Serif toilet we knew we had found the one. The shape of the basin and the pull handle was selling point for us, and it also matched our sink which was a bonus. We made sure to get a slow closing lid too and I don't know how we lived for so long without one.

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