Sunday, November 28, 2010

The front door

The front door of our house was still not installed and we were anxious to get it in place. We knew that it would change the entire feel of the front part of the house and couldn't wait to see what it looked like.

Here is a reminder of what the original door looked like. While we liked the door and mouldings, it was not insulated and it was broken. We also wanted more light in the front hall.

Not seeing anything we liked in the stores we decided to have our front door costume made by a local tradesman. Both the door and the surrounding windows were handmade by a family who had been in the window and door making business for decades.
It took allot longer to get home than the rest of our doors, but when we finally saw it we knew it was well worth the wait.

We of course needed to paint it before it could be installed, and not wanting to screw it up we decided to hire a painter to do the job.

The final result was just as we had pictured and we couldn't wait to see it put in place. Our contractor careful removed all the mouldings around the old door and told us if all went well he would be able to put them right back up. Bonus!

The old door came out with the add of a chainsaw. It was definitely a sight to see.
The door and window surround went in and the results were very impressive.

The whole area of the house got a face lift. While before the front entrance was a dark place to be avoided, the new entrance is bright and airy and I just want to stay there all day.

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