Sunday, November 28, 2010

We've got walls

With the electrical wiring, the plumbing, the heating system and the insulation all in place it was time to close everything up. It was time for the gyp-rock.
It was so exciting to finally be able to walk into each room and have them separated by actual walls. It was so much easier to see what our house was going to look like.

Once all the gyp-rock was up we had a plasterer come in and finish everything off. My dad actually decided to take some time off work to help with the plastering. He had such a great time doing it that during the next week back at work he quit. We hired him right away to help with the finishing of the house.

This is a photo of the second kids room in the old part. I unfortunately don't have a before photo (it got lost in the shuffle), but it was definitely an eye sore. There were 70's built-ins along the wall, the mouldings were painted black, the walls were stained with water damage and cracked everywhere. Neil and his friend Jason even had to remove the remnants of an old chimney we found hidden in the closet. They had to remove it one brick at a time, from the bottom up. They referred to it as brick jenga.

Well lucky for us my dad started working on it and before we knew we had a beautiful room. I wish I had a picture to compare it to, but trust me this is a 100% better!! Thanks dad :)

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Rambling Renovators said...

You have walls! Congratulations! It must feel great to have them up. Now you can move onto the decorating.

Thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog. I was inspired just like you to start blogging. Hope you find it as much fun as I do.

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