Monday, January 17, 2011

Storage for the Mudroom

My idea of a perfect mudroom is one with lots of storage and a place to put everything.
I don't want shoes and boots scattered about, jackets flung on the floor and backpacks blocking the door. I dream of everything put nicely away in it's designated spot, of a nice place to sit down and put on your shoes, of a closet nicely arranged to fit all the things we use on a daily basis.

The space I am looking to fill is right between the doorway to the kitchen and the wall with the closet. It is not a large space and the closets doors would open up onto it so whatever arrangement I go with can't be too big. The closet itself will house most of our jackets and items not used on a daily basis. So what I need is essentially a place to put the jackets in season, backpacks and shoes.

Here are a few of the looks I love for that seating and storage combo I think would suit my mudroom needs.

I love the idea of a nice country style bench, with a few hooks on the wall above and maybe some storage bins underfoot.

This shaker style bench is beautiful. I love the clean, organic lines.
Wow talk about the perfect bench. I love the colour, love the shape and could definitely see myself and the kids putting on our rain boots on this bench.

Same great colour (which would work great with our fabric choice) and I like the storage idea. No need for any baskets underneath as everything would be tucked away inside.

This could be an option for some upper storage. Same great country feel as the benches and room for some baskets to hide away the hats and mitts.

I think that this seat and storage unit are the perfect combination of what I am looking for. I think I just might have to recreate this look! Oh and can I have the dog too?

Or I could go with the complete built in look and build a unit that addresses both storage and sitting needs. Here are a few examples of what might work in our space.
This is a more built in look which might work. Although I am not sure if it might be too much for our small space.

Great colour and I like the closed cupboards to hide away the hats and mitts instead of bins.

Simple and practical, but not sure if it's too simple for my liking.

If we can't find anything we like in stores I am sure I could find a few handymen around (my dad being one of them) who would be able to recreate any of these looks for me.

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