Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Guest room

One of the other main reasons we decided to put on an extension was to add another bedroom to the house. We had removed one of the original four bedrooms when we expanded our master so we wanted to make sure we relocated it elsewhere.
Neil's parents live about an hour and a half away so we wanted to make them feel welcome in our home. Knowing we had a room set up just for guests would hopefully entice them, as well as our many friends living in the city, over to stay.

We planned for the new room to go at the very end of the new extension, right beside the family bathroom. This way our house was set up into three distinct private areas. The kids wing, the master and the guest wing.

The outer walls are up and the holes for the windows are in place. Lucky guests will have two windows in their room!!

The framing is up and the extension starts to take shape. This is a view from inside the guestroom.....looking into the family bathroom and hallway.

The windows are in and the plastering of the gyp rock complete.

We got it all painted a light beige by Benjamin Moore.

The new pine floor is in place. Love how fresh it looks......very Scandinavian!!

And finally the guest room is complete!!

We bought the bed at Ikea, the light blue bedding at Structube and all the other furniture are hand me downs. Of course we need some window treatments, accent pillows, a few more pieces of furniture and some artwork to finish the look.

But like with every other room in our house this will be a work in progress.

You are welcome anytime!!

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