Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Living and Dinning Room

With all the restoring of these two rooms out of the way we finally got them painted and put what furniture we had into place. While there is still allot left to do here is the transformation photo by photo.


This is what the living room and dining room looked like when we first bought the house.


We bought the tuxedo couch and high back chair and coffee table from Maison Corbiel in Montreal. We loved the dark colour of them and decided to use the same tone of grey in our walls, just a while lot lighter. The yellow chair is a hand me down and will be reupholstered in the future. The red hutch was a great auction find. This piece will be my jumping off point for the accent colours.

It's a great room to entertain in or to just lounge around with a good book. I can't wait for the bay window seats to be finished.......

With the living room opening right up into the dining room we love the flow of the two rooms. We need to make sure that both rooms work well together both design wise and entertaining wise.

The green olive colour by Benjamin Moore was inspired by the trees that surround this side of the house. I really want to complement the surrounding area and continue to add some natural looking elements in the dining room.

Seeing that we don't yet have a dining table this room has been used mainly as a playroom for our daughter. Both the piano and wooden hutch came with the house. The piano will be relocated to the family room once we start using this room or it's designed purpose.

Now we just need some fabric for the windows and pillows, some artwork, a few more pieces of furniture (a dining room table would be nice), a chandelier and we're done!!!!

I have such a great feeling every time I walk into this section of the house. It makes me feel so comfortable and at home. I hope that we did these two rooms justice in restoring them and I hope that they will bring us happiness for many, many years to come.

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