Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Kitchen: Cabinets

I knew exactly what I wanted when it came to my kitchen. I had done allot of research, watched allot of HGTV and read allot of House and Home.
And what I wanted was white, shaker style cabinets.
I had seen an Ikea add with exactly the look I wanted, so Neil and I headed on out to Ikea in hopes of recreating it. However after a few hours of trying to figure out the layout and which cabinets went where we decided the whole do it yourself Ikea style wasn't going to work for us.
So we took our picture to a local kitchen cabinet company and explained exactly what we wanted. I showed him all my inspiration pictures and I drew him detailed plan of how I wanted the kitchen to look. He was pleasantly surprised that we were so well organised. Most of his clients let him do the talking.

We came up with the plan to have the upper cabinets in both full shaker doors and glass doors, while the lower cabinets would have deep drawers as well as doors.
We also wanted a large island in the center of the kitchen, however I did not want it to be white. This is where we went a little bit crazy. I ordered my custom designed island in a cobalt blue. Having no clue what the final results would look like was a little scary, but it would take six months of waiting before we would find out if we liked it or not.

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