Saturday, December 4, 2010

Family Bathroom: Shopping

With the family bathroom we wanted to have a bit more fun. It would be used mostly by kids and guests, so we didn't want anything too serious. Yet we wanted it to be classic and timeless, as we weren't keen on re-doing the room again any time soon.

Our first buy for the family bathroom was the window.

We didn't want a regular open and close window as it was going to be in the shower, so we splurged and got this great oval window.

Next came the tub and fixtures.

We wanted a regular plain bathtub which is harder to find than we thought. Everything we saw had weird designs on the side. We eventually had to have one ordered in for us. We bought this Maxx tub and it works perfectly for this bathroom.

The shower fixtures we bought were from Riobel. We went for a regular hand held shower head and a bath spout.

We eventually found the toilet we had purchased over 5 months earlier, dusted it off
and made sure it was still all in one piece.

We bought this double vanity during our Restoration Hardware shopping spree.

We originally bought a different sink and different faucets for this room. We had a large trough style double sink and two water pump styled faucets. However when we got everything together the look didn't work. The vanity was too classic and the sink and faucets too modern.

We sent them back and went for two separate drop in sinks from American Standard......

...and a set of these simple old-school twist handled faucets from Rona. Perfect for the kids to use.

The lights we got at Canadian Tire. Nothing too flashy but we liked the look. We got two to go on either side of the mirror. However we have yet found a mirror to fit the space. In order to get what I want I think we might have to get one custom made.

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