Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Kitchen

The next room in the house that we needed to finish in order to move in was the kitchen. We actually moved in before it was all finished and ate at my parents or out at restaurants for the first week. But nothing could keep us from moving in!!! Our official move in date was March 1st, 2010. Nine months after buying the home and 4 months after the expected completion date. It was all well worth the wait and the kitchen was one of the rooms that proved to us that slow and steady wins the race.

The kitchen was a very long project. It was also the one we fretted over the most, the one with the most delays and the one with the most blood, sweat and tears involved.
But it was also the most rewarding when it was finished.
As you know the original kitchen, while having the size we wanted, was in need of a total remodel. We gutted everything down to the bones and rebuilt it bit by bit. We refinished the floors, put in new windows and doors, new walls, new lights, new plumbing and all new cabinets. In the end it was a completely new room.
My favourite room in the house :)

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