Friday, December 3, 2010

Master Bathroom: Putting it all together

The gyp rock is in place and we finally perfected our bathroom layout. We devoted one whole wall to our bathtub, and the opposite wall will have the vanity, toilet and shower. Oh I am so excited!

Before the marble tiles were put down we had a heating system installed on the floor. I hate really cold bathrooms, so I can't wait to feel all toasty when I walk into my bathroom in the winter.

Our vanity arrived and we had the counter top installed. We used this new product called Formica. It is a man made surface which is antibacterial and anti-scratch. We went with white....always a classic.

The plasterer gets to work. We were slightly worried about the marble, but he was very careful and left not a scratch on it.

The plumbing was installed.......slowly. It took forever to get the shower in as the company sent the wrong base three times!! The plumbers weren't so good at keeping my floor safe and sound. They left a huge scratch all around the shower base when they removed the protective paper. We were peeved, but what can you do. We will have to be creative and find a way to hide the scratch. Maybe a really large bathmat?

With our shower base finally installed we got to work on the tiling. To go with our marble themed room we tiled the shower with a subway marble tile.

The tiles turned out beautifully

My dad built this box to house the plumbing for the bathtubs wall mount faucet. We only learnt after we bought the faucet that it could not be placed on an outside wall. Instead of returning it we just came up with this box solution. A great feature piece which we tiled with the beautiful glass/marble mosaic tile.

Bathtub, faucet and tile in place. I love my bathtub so much!!!!!!

Almost all finished now......just to add the finishing touches.

We got the room painted with the help of my in-laws. They both wielded a paint brush and helped looked after the sleeping beauty. Who knew marble flooring would make a good bed.
I used Benjamin Moore Decorators White for three of the walls, and to offset it I painted the feature wall a dark charcoal, also by Benjamin Moore. We are happy with the results and feel that the colours work well with the marble.
I will inject some colour with the accents......but to figure out which colour??

And finally the light above the bathtub. My ultimate favourite light in the entire house.

We ordered this silver garland light by Tord Boontje online from Modern Poverty and it looks just as great as the picture advertised. The neat thing is that it came in one big metal sheet and we had to wrap it around our light fixture to get the look we were after. Love it!!!

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