Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Niamh's Room

Niamh's room deserves it's own post. While it is still a work in progress I love the way things have turned out so far in my little girls room.



The window is the real show stopper in this room. We still need to fix the plaster around it and figure out how to make the moulding, but it's beautiful all the same.
The green light is the colour inspiration for the room. It came from my grandmother's childhood home and has found a new home here in Niamh's room.

The slanted roof is so quaint, however my husband has to watch his head as he is 6 feet tall. We haven't really figured out the right furniture configuration yet, but once we get Niamh into a big girls bed I am sure it will all come together.
The quilt on the floor was made by Niamh's grandmother before she was born. The same colour green as the light was used in the quilt, and it is accented with a great shade of pink. While we haven't really decorated the room yet, we have started gathering ideas and pieces to get started once we have time to devote to finishing off this princess's room.

The hutch came from a local antique store. We loved the cream colour and the worn in look. It is from the 1800's so we thought it fitting that it should be in the oldest part of the house. Perfect size for a little girl too!
Don't you just love the mini closet. It's like a door to magical world....or so I can imagine Niamh telling herself as she gets older. The baby change table actually came out of the old bathroom. My dad put the edging on it, we gave it a lick of paint and voila, free change table.

The book shelf was a gift Niamh got when she was born from her great-aunt and uncle. They told us it was to be filled only with children's books. Which is perfect because Niamh loves reading books. The only problem is I end up having to re-place all the books back at the end of the day.

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