Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kitchen: Appliances

I have a love hate relationship with my appliances.

I love my fridge and and dishwasher, but I hate my stove. OK hate is a strong word...I dislike the stove. Now there is nothing wrong with the stove per say. It works great, it's a great brand and it goes with the other appliances. But it's not what I wanted.

I'll start from the beginning. About 4 years ago Neil and I were out "shopping" at a big home appliance store. I saw and fell in love with a Bosch white and stainless steel electric stove.

I put it in my memory file and knew when it came time to buy my appliances this would be it!

So the Christmas after we bought the house we decided to get each other appliances as our gift to each other. We shopped around and found out Sears sold Bosch appliances at a very reasonable price. We discussed our options with a very friendly clerk and came away with a matching white set of fridge, stove and dishwasher. Now I was very adamant that I wanted my appliances to be white, but have stainless steel handles like the one I had seen those many years ago. Sears assured me this would be the case.

We received our appliances in January, but seeing that our kitchen wasn't ready we left them in their boxes so as they wouldn't get damaged. Wanting to make sure they were the right ones we did peek in to have a look at the fridge.

It was exactly what we wanted, white with stainless steel handles.....assuming the other two were also what we wanted we didn't look in the other two boxes.

Big mistake. When March rolled around and the cabinets had been installed we went to get the appliances. We opened the dishwasher and then the stove and we were shocked. They were not what we had wanted at all. They were just plain, run of the mill white appliances.

We called Sears to complain but they said the time for returns had expired. We went in directly to speak with the clerk who served us. The best he could do was order new stainless steel handles for us. So we begrudgingly replaced the handles on both appliances to match the fridge, The dishwasher turned out great, but even with the new handle the stove was still not the one I had been envisioning all these years. On further investigation it turns out the one I wanted was no longer available in Canada, and Bosch was no longer making them :(

I still love the appliances. I am happy with our decision to go with white instead of stainless steel. I love my fridge to death and the dishwasher is my best friend. The stove does cook masterpieces, I wish it looked like one too.

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