Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home for the holidays

My husband and I have been teaching in a small Inuit community for the last several years. We leave our home in August and then patiently wait 4 months until Christmas so we can go home for a 2 week break. This year is exceptionally hard seeing that we have our daughter with us now. Our family is anxious to see us and we them. We are also eager to get into our house for our first Christmas at home.
We finished school on Friday and were excited to fly down home on Saturday. However our flight was cancelled due to the weather and was only rescheduled for Monday. We are heartbroken, but keep a smile on our face for our daughters sake.
Instead of wallowing in the fact that I am not at home putting up the tree, I did some research for ideas on how to decorate my first home for its first Christmas.

Here are a few photos that caught my eye. I am definitely a traditionalist and I am partial to the
clean and natural Scandinavian look that these photos seem to embody.

Country Living Magazine

Country Living Magazine

I have a small collection of decorations that have been handed down from our mothers and a few that we have bought for Niamh. I however need many more to fill up the tree and to fill up the house.

Maybe I could add these to my collection?

Chris_J @

Sarah Richardson HGTV

I don't know if this is something I would ever do, but I love the look. I will keep it in my look book just in case one day I get a real burst of energy with the kids and want to have some Christmas fun.

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