Saturday, December 4, 2010

Family Bathroom: Putting it together

The gyp rock is all up and the bathroom takes shape. We left room between the foot of the tub and the wall to install a seat and a little storage spot for bath toys. We also put a linen closet in the center of the room. We want to make sure there is plenty of storage for our growing family.
The tub has was installed and the plastering is all finished. We got the primer all on and ready for colour. And oh boy do I mean colour.

We went with this electric turquoise. I wanted something bright and fun and this colour just stood out. I had also seen it used a few times in bathrooms in my magazine research.

The floor tiles were laid out horizontally in a subway style. We love the look of the grey and turquoise together.

Seeing that there was a window in our shower we couldn't put a basic insert in (not that I wanted to). So we went with a classic white subway tile. It was a bit hard to get it up around the windows, but our tiler was really good and we loved how it turned out.

The vanity from Restoration Hardware arrived and fit perfectly. We went with the same type and colour of counter top that we had in the master. In all honesty it was cheaper to buy one large slab in the same colour than two different ones. The budget was always on our mind.

The lights, toilet, ceiling fan and tiling is all finished. Now we just need to get the rest of the plumbing done and we have ourselves a finished bathroom.

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