Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Powder Room

While we were designing the extension we made sure to add as many of our wish list items as we could fit in and afford. One of the must haves was a powder room on the main floor. I did not want to have to run upstairs every time myself or one of our kids needed to use the washroom.

So we made sure to make room for a little powder room off of the family room.

Framing and plumbing in place. It's amazing how happy such a little room has made us.

I really wanted to put wallpaper in the powder room seeing that it is such a small space I can play with my decorating a bit more. I had read somewhere that installing a wood wainscotting around the base of a powder room would help ensure your wallpaper doesn't get damaged by water. We put up the same pine wood that we had used in the mudroom, but this time opted to paint it a very light grey. The toilet and sink are both by Kholer and suit the minimalist look of this small room.

Now I just have to choose my wallpaper, find a mirror and other bathroom fixtures and the room is complete. It would also help to get a door knob on the door as many guests feel a bit exposed without anything keeping the door shut.
So many little projects left to do......

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