Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hallway from old to new

With the addition of extension we needed to figure out how to seamlessly bring the old and new buildings together. While the outside came together beautifully we were a bit uncertain about the inside.

Our major issue was the hallway that would run from the old part of the house into the extension on the second floor. We really wanted to keep the original floors, which were this amazing diagonal wood flooring. But after much discussion and a realization that we actually needed to use this flooring in our master, we tour it up and put in one flooring running down the entire hallway.

Our next issue with this hallway was it's length. It was a very long hallway and we were worried it would feel too narrow. We tried to balance the length by adding two windows along the outer wall of the extension.

The section in the old part it was even narrower as the walls were so much thicker. Too take advantage of the depth of the wall we decided to build a bookcase right into the wall. This made the hallway seem a bit wider and is a great focal point for an area we thought would end up being wasted space.

My dad used the old hemlock boards we had removed from the walls to make the shelves. Then he used the same mouldings that we had used around our windows and doors as a frame.

We loved the way the book shelf turned out, especially now that it is filled with our cherished books, pictures and Inuit carvings.

It's hard to see here but this piece of beaver board reads "Alex Carrol, Alex Logan, 1912".
As I was chucking pieces of old beaver board into the fire I happened to take a look at this one right before throwing it in. I saw the writing and realised what I was holding. Proof to our homes age. We assume these names are that of the workers who built the houses extension in 1912. Love having a little bit of my house's history out on display.

The hallway ends at the top of our new stairwell. The ceiling height here is really great so we wanted to make a statement with a really large light fixture. As soon as I saw this one I knew it would be a perfect fit.

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