Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shopping for everything....including the kitchen sink

Now that we had the cabinets ordered it was time to buy the rest.

I knew from the get go that I wanted a carrera marble counter for the island (I have a thing for carrera as you can tell). Several people tried to talk me out of it due to its porous nature, but I would not change my mind.

Marble it was!

For the rest of the counter space I had no idea what to use. I played with the idea of stainless steel, but thought it would be too cold and modern. We thought about getting butcher block, but didn't want it near the sink. I really didn't like granite or laminate.

This is where our kitchen contractor came in. He had just received samples for a new line of solid surfacing counters by Formica. They were really amazing with anti-scratch and anti-bacterial properties. But it was also very expensive. Even so he showed us a few different colours and then we saw the grey sample and I knew instantly that this was the counter for our kitchen.

Sometimes you just have to overlook the price to get what you want.

During our Restoration Hardware shopping spree we found the knobs and pulls we wanted for the cabinets.
For the upper cabinets we went with these crystal knobs.

For all the lower cabinets we added these chrome pulls.

We had seen an add for the Delta touch faucet and loved the concept.
Who doesn't love high tech features in a country kitchen.

We finally had everything but the kitchen sink.
Speaking of kitchen sink we knew we wanted a double butler apron front ceramic sink. We wanted this type of sink for as long as we both could remember. Even before we owned a home, even before we got married, pretty much as long as we had been a couple we knew we both wanted to one day own this type of sink.
And we found the perfect one from Kholer.

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