Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bringing the old dame back to life

One of the many reasons we bought this house was the fact that it was old.
Old and rundown, yes, but also old and full of character. We wanted to keep and restore as much of the original house as possible. In areas like the kitchen and bathroom this was not possible as too much updating needed to be done, but in the living room/dining room area it was a much more easier feat.
For the most part the oldest section of the house just needed allot of TLC. New windows, insulation and electrical aside, all we had to do was re-sand the floors and paint.

OK to be honest it took as long to finish working on this section of the house as it did to build and finish an entire extension. Who knew how much work would have to go into restoring everything to it's original glory.

We got to work right away. The old cedar wall was removed and a extensive plastering job was undertaken by my father. The wood burning stove was relocated to my fathers sugar shack.

The horrible, damaged popcorn ceiling was torn down and a new gyp rock one was put in place.

The bay window was rebuilt. We will eventually get a window seat built into it.

New windows were installed.

We had the old floors refinished and sanded. I love the way they turned out, much lighter than we anticipated. The baseboards were stripped as best as possible of the old chipping paint and repainted.

the walls were plastered where needed and we had a painting party (Thanks mom, dad, Milly, Leanne and Tanya). I love the way the colours turned out!!

When all was said and done we had some great rooms with original character ready to be lived in and loved.

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