Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Master's of our domain

Last but not least on my lists of rooms is our master.
We really wanted to create an oasis for ourselves. After all the hard work getting this house finished it was so nice to come in to our own little haven away from all the hustle and bustle.
Now it is far from finished and we still need to come up with a proper design scheme, but we like the way it has come together so far.

However before we were able to move in and make ourselves at home the room needed to go through a major transformation. Originally the area we would designate to become our master was 3 small bedrooms and a bathroom. We tore down all the walls and got working on designing our perfect space.

The dividing walls come down and we opened the space into one giant room.

We were originally going to close the office off from the master but we loved the loft feel of the room so much that we decided to leave it open to the rest of the room.

The shims are in place to make sure the old walls are even to put on the gyp-rock. The two gaping holes left in the walls will be the location of our future His and Hers walk in closets.

The framing goes up and we now have an enclosed space. Well except for the giant doorway to nowhere. We will one day have a balcony off the office.

The master is starting to take shape. The gyp-rock and windows are in and the plastering is underway. The floors still need to be sanded, but you can see the character they possess even under all the plaster dust.

The walls are up and the window and door in place in our office area.

It's hard to tell in this photo but the walls are painted. I fell in love with the colour called Coventry Grey by Benjamin Moore. As you may have guessed I am a huge fan of the colour grey.

My piece de resistance.....the chandelier. It was really expensive and really silly for me to buy it, but I couldn't resist. I loved it and felt that it deserved to come home with me.

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