Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Stairwell

Seeing that we removed the old stairwell from the kitchen and that our house was increasing in size, we needed to add another set of stairs.
We decided to put them in the family room seeing that it would probably be a room used more frequently and it would give us quicker access to the new rooms upstairs.

I had seen an episode of Sarah's House season one in which she is rebuilding a set of stairs. I knew right away this was the look I wanted.

The only thing was that I didn't know if my builders could do the level of work of Sarah's.

The temporary stairs went in. And they stayed this way for many months. Allot of blood, sweat in tears went into the building of these stairs....literally. One of the builders had taken the bottom set of stairs down to measure them and when putting them back up forgot to nail them down. A little while later he ran up the stairs to get something, made it almost to the top and then the stairs came crashing down....with him still on them. He bashed his armpit on the landing and fell all the way into the basement. Luckily he only needed stitches......and despite our request to see him take it easy , was back at work the very next day.

The new stairs started to take shape and I was so happy to see that they were able to re-create, almost exactly, the stairs I had shown them.

The best thing about these stairs are the steps. My contractor took the old beams from the roof we removed and planned them down into these gorgeous steps. I love that a bit of the old house was used in building the new.

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