Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I knew I wanted a mudroom. Wet, muddy boots is a unavoidable thing when living in the country. Having wet muddy boots lying on my kitchen floor did not have to be.
When re-configuring the layout of the old kitchen we made space for a mudroom. It needed to be easy to clean, have lots of storage, but it couldn't take up too much space.

So we cornered out a decent area and got to work. Here are the photos of the mudrooms journey into creation.

Down came the old kitchen and up went the new dividing walls. So dirty yet so pretty in my eyes....every step of progress was a thing to celebrate seeing how long it took to get from step A to step B.

The electrical, plumbing and heating vents were all magically hidden in the mudroom closet. While we did lose some space we now don't have a weird bump in the wall to figure out what to do with.

A new door and new electrical box was the last of the dirty work that needed to be done.

Finally after a year the mudroom was completed.....well for the most part.

We finished the mudroom off with a dark slate tile and used pine wainscotting around the bottom half of the room. We have cows in our front field, so I thought it would be appropriate to go a little bit country with this room.

The big poster hiding the electrical box is the decor inspiration for the room. While we tearing down the beaver board in an upstairs bedroom we discovered six identical posters hidden on the wall behind. They had been used as insulation. We took the best one and had it framed. The rest we gave to family members who had helped in our renovation projects. Being farmers they loved the gift.

We installed a large cloak closet and hope to at some point get some built in benches and storage units put in. Now all we need to do is finish everything off with some pretty fabric and a fun wallpaper. I can't wait for the decorating stage!!!

Welcome to our home!!!

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