Saturday, July 31, 2010

Adventures of a wanna be designer

My love of design has not been very long in the making.
Throughout my life I have had many passions, all of which I thought of making a career out of. None however have been as realistic as the idea of becoming a designer.
A great enjoyment of mine is sitting down with a nice cup of tea and a new House and Home magazine to browse through what is new in the world of design. However my passion only really took shape when my husband and I bought our house.
An old farmhouse circa 1878/1912 that needed a lot of TLC. And so my once a month reading sessions became a full on obsession as I bought every magazine I could find, studied every move my idol Sarah Richardson made and broke the bank and bought some full on design books.
I fell in love with design. The thrill of having a project come together after months of work is extremely exhilarating. So while at first my designing work was solely to make my own home a haven I have decided that I had too much fun doing it to stop.
So that's my one day become a designer and I thought what better way to get started then show off the work I have done already. Hopefully word will spread and my house will just be the first of many I will get my hands on.

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