Sunday, March 6, 2011

Window Seats

Now that we are back home the to-do list for our home looms over our heads. I sat down the other day and decided to write down everything we still have left to do in the house. While I know as home owners we will never be truly finished when it comes to our home, we have a few must have things we need to do to make our house a home.

One of this such things is finishing off the bay window. And part of finishing the bay window involves building a window seat. I have always wanted one and felt that the space definitely warranted one. But before we get building I have to know what I want the seat to look like. So for inspiration I hit the web and found a few windows that really caught my attention.

To me this is an ideal window seat. Enough room to sit comfortably and read, but also functional for guests to perch at a party.

I could definitely see myself curled up here for hours with a good book.

Love the bead board. This just might be the perfect inspiration photo for my own window seat.

Such amazing vibrant colours. A window seat is a perfect place to go a bit crazy with fabric.

While at the same time simplicity reigns.

I guess I have a few choices to work with. Now to make a decision and start building. I can't wait to hear the pitter patter of hammers once again.

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