Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back to School

I came home early. There was a carbon monoxide leak at school and due to the fact that I was 31 weeks pregnant at the time the health professionals in my village didn't want to take any chances. So they quickly flew me down from my Northern village (which I probably will never see again) to Montreal.  It was quite the journey, with a nurse accompanying me the entire way and an ambulance waiting for me at the airport. Luckily both the baby and I are doing great.

So yeah I am home early.
Not what I intended, but it happened and I had to leave hubby and Niamh behind.
So instead of sulking in bed I decided to get started on my interior design course. I had enrolled with the Sheffield School of Interior Design back in January and most of my course material had arrived at my home down south.

I opened up Unit One and got to work.

Unit One

Unit One has 6 mini lessons in it, all of which are accompanied by a book and a CD recording of two designers discussing the subject at hand. It starts out by explaining the basics of design and how one needs to practise developing the "eye of a designer".
The next lesson is on getting to know your clients. You are set up with a fake couple to interview and get to know them and what they want out of their home.
Lesson three is on how to measure and free-hand sketch a room and the main project for this unit is to find a real living room to practise on. Luckily for me I have a living room so I got out my pink measuring tape and got to work. If I had a scanner I would post a picture of my lovely sketch, but you`ll just have to imagine it for now.
 Lesson four is on the use of colour and I got to go back to my primary days of mixing water colours to make a colour wheel. It was messy but fun.
Lesson five was on how to charge clients for your design ($ fun!) and finally lesson six was on green design.

I completed the unit in record time, but I will not be boastful. After all I am all by myself, with nothing much else to do. Once hubby and Niamh arrive home I will not have as much free time. Throw in a newborn and I hope to remember what design is.
So I will take advantage of my time and get working on this new exciting chapter in my life.
The only thing is......Unit two is still in the mail.

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