Friday, April 13, 2012

A few updates

Not much has changed in our home since we finished the renovations two years ago.
My excuse is that we moved away to the Arctic and had another baby......
But we've been home now for over a year and that baby turns one tomorrow so I guess I've run out of things to blame for my lack of motivation in the home decor area.

I have checked two things off my list however and I thought I'd at least post an updated shot of these two areas, my master bedroom bureau situation and the kids wing landing.

First of all remember my fiasco with the dresser I found in my sisters basement. Well I decided to go new instead of trying to find an antique. Tried, tested and true Ikea came to the rescue with this Hemnes white lacquered bureau.

I quite enjoy the finished look and must say my master feels more like a grown up room now that I have a stylized bureau to call my own.

The next area as I mentioned is  the landing off the kids bedrooms. We added some bookshelves to house books and toys, a cozy reading chair, a light and a carpet and called it a day. Now at the end of the day we have a place to wine down the kids.

Both kids love "reading" here, and even if reading means taking all the books off the shelves we love that we have this special place to spend quality time with them.

I hope to find more time, money and inspiration to help get the rest of the house decorated.
Until then......

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