Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Recently I have been wasting my time on the a productive design knowledge building sort of way. Two web sites have me to glued to the computer....and unfortunately taken my time away from updating this here blog.

The first is pinterest. What a wonderful site to find and hoard all kinds of wonderful pictures, ideas and inspiration. Whether it's a great design idea I want to keep in mind for my house, a trend that has me itching to try it out or just something pretty to look at I am pining it.
Here are a few pins that have perked my interest this week.

The black modern windsor chairs have me drooling.....must have for my dining room.

This kid friendly center is a must for any busy family kitchen.

The setee, the artwork, the colours scream tailored and classic.

The second site, which helps with my pining obsession is Houzz. A wonderful website full of house design related articles. A weekly e-mail arrives in my inbox and I spend my coffee break enjoying all the wonderful houses and the interior and exteriors design ideas.
Here are a few houzz' I've saved for further reference.

                                               I'm loving this scandnavian beach look.

The layout, the steamlined look, the sparkle.....the obssession!

Who wouldn't want magical, magnetic wallpaper in their room?

One good thing about these two websites is that it has me feeling a bit neglectful of my own. I hope to get back on here and post a few updates on our house, on my course and on what my new found obsessions bring my way.

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